Help Desk
Where customer service meets IT expertise!

You don’t leave your clients waiting – and neither do we! Find out what it’s like when first-rate customer service meets top-notch knowledge and expertise with BitsCore Technologies.

If you’ve ever had problems with system crashes, software incompatibilities, printer mal functions, system down¬time, disk storage shortages, and email or connectivity, then you know how important it is to receive help when you need it: immediately.

That’s why BitsCore Technologies offers expert and courteous support services with our popular Help¬Desk specifically designed for small and medium-sized businesses. We don’t just ‘fit you in’ when we can – we deal with your IT issues promptly because we understand that lost time means lost business.

With BitsCoreTechnologies, you can opt for full or partial support, tailored to your needs so you’re able manage your IT budget in a way that’s most beneficial to your business.

Our flexible and cost-effective HelpDesk turnkey solutions include:
• Internet connectivity and email/messaging
• Network infrastructure design and management
• Windows platforms
• Systems optimization and fault diagnosis
• Security standards and monitoring (incl. viruses, spyware, and malware)
• Peripheral installations
• Mobile device integration
• Compatibility and software issues
• Slow performance and system downtime
• Backup and data recovery
• Technical consultation and systems development

We offer an hourly rate (based on the qualifications of the service
delivery personnel), including substantial discounts for large projects
and regularly scheduled service.

This allows you to save costs for simple jobs and elevate the level of expertise in case of complications or expanded requirements.

One of Montreal’s most experienced IT HelpDesk teams is just a phone call away.
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