You may be taking a risk and leaving yourself vulnerable to business intelligence theft, virus attacks, fraud, hack-ers, and loss of sensitive or critical data through system failures or intrusions into your network.

Imagine this: your network connections fail and your server is inaccessible for hours, days, or even weeks – or your email or telephony system goes down and your clients can no longer contact you. Image a worse scenario: your technology fails and your data is irretrievable! The damage done in lost business as well as to your reputation could prove to be very costly.
Running a business is time consuming enough without having to worry about your operations and data being secure. Let BitsCore Technologies use our extensive experience with the types of security issues faced by small and medium-sized businesses to help you secure your IT systems and your critical data.
Our solutions will allow you to:
• Immediately detect and block new and emerging threats before they affect your business
• Protect your IT systems without compromising performance or speed
• Keep your networks and confidential information secure and available
• Prevent the loss of critical and confidential data
• Reduce your backup costs and workload with intuitive management and reporting
• Protect your business and network from both internal and external security threats
• Recover your data quickly and easily when you need it most: 24/7 in case of an emergency
• Rest easy, knowing your data and systems are safe and secure

How we do it

BitsCore Technologies will carry out a security and vulnerability assessment on your networks, web apps, and servers and create an inventory of all your IT assets. We’ll also review your data backup policies and procedures and work with you to address the most urgent needs. BitsCore Technologies will ensure you’re up and running with the most appropriate network and security standards, tailored to your needs. With our monitoring solutions and alerts, you’ll be notified of all breaches or changes and you’ll be able to track all your network activity.

We support many businesses of all sizes and in different fields. Our cost-effective, expert advice and security solutions will give you peace of mind, even in a changing business environment.

Protect yourself against hackers, viruses, fraud, and business losses: trust BitsCore Technologies to set you up with industry-leading security solutions and a robust and reliable disaster recovery platform so your business can continue thriving, even in the event of a disaster.

If your IT systems fail or are attacked, can your business continue to thrive? Let BitsCore Technologies set up your business continuity and IT security systems so you can answer with a confident YES!