Managed Hosting is an IT provisioning model in which BitsCore Technologies leases dedicated servers and associated hardware to a single client. The equipment is at the hosting provider’s (BitsCore Technologies ) facility and managed there by BitsCore Technologies .

Managed Hosting
BitsCore Technologies helps organizations of all sizes meet application performance and operational support requirements. Through a combination of state-of-the-art data centers, best-of-breed technologies, world-class connectivity, stringent security and compliance standards, and unmatched support, our managed solutions are designed to give you just the right amount of control and support you need.
• Shared and custom dedicated hosted options give you the freedom to create a cost-effective, just-right solution
• Extremely scalable infrastructure and services accelerates growth and innovation
• Unsurpassed security with PCI-DSS and HIPAA/HITECH compliant environments
• Proactive monitoring plus customer portal extends visibility into and control of your hybrid IT infrastructure
• Team of professionals expertly manage your environment, freeing up IT staff for innovation and higher value activities

What is a managed hosting service?
The servers and devices are owned by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or hosting provider and leased by a single client only. Unlike standard Dedicated Hosting, the ISP manages the day-to-day management of hardware, operating systems and standardized applications.

What is a managed service?
Definition. A managed services provider (MSP) is most often an information technology (IT) services provider that manages and assumes responsibility for providing a defined set of services to its clients either proactively or as the MSP (not the client) determines that services are needed.

What is a dedicated server hosting?
Dedicated hosting is a hosting configuration in which a server is devoted to a single organisation or for a single purpose, such as a website. This is in contrast to shared hosting, in which a server acts as a host to multiple clients.

What is a colocation?
Colocation refers to the practice of housing your servers and devices in a professional datacenter in order to access economies of scale, advanced infrastructure, greater bandwidth, lower latency, specialist services and systems, constant security and a whole host of additional advantages.

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Email Hosting, Ecommerce and Marketing
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